Finding calm in the chaos

Living with blindness

Being born blind isn’t as bad as some people think because when you are born blind, you don’t know any different, it’s just part of me. It’s different for those who are born sighted and lose their sight later in life as it takes lots of adjustments for them to get used to it. They have to learn to do everything in the dark and that takes courage and determination.

Visualising Success

Visualising Success – really? Now before you think “Oh Debs is being a dippy hippy now and that is not my thing”, don’t move on. I promise you that visualising your success can really help. When I first heard about Vision Boards (aka Dream boards), I thought “oh that’s nice...

What motivates you

What motivates you – or not?

Have you ever thought seriously about what motivates you – or not? You know you need to do something, this thing has to be done but for some reason you just cannot seem to get motivated?  Whether it’s writing an email, making a phone call, starting a fitness routine or...

Those Unused Notebooks - Chaos in Kent

Those Unused Notebooks

My name is Debs and I am a stationery addict.   I love notebooks, planners, pens, pencils and all things stationery. I have so many notebooks sat around the house without a single word written in them.  I know I have a real problem because some are hidden away so...