Babies – #Blogtober17 [02]

Following on from “All About Me” yesterday.  I wanted to share a few more things you don’t know about me.

Babies – Getting Broody

I was not one of those women who got broody when other people had children.  I quite liked other people’s babies but not enough to want one of my own.  I was always more than happy to hand them back!

I worked for years for a tour operator who offered child care as part of the holiday.  As part of my job, I used to regularly take travel agents out to our resorts to look around them – in the hope they would sell the holidays on their return.

It was a standing joke in the resorts that I would get to the nursery/kids clubs with the travel agents and staff members would have to take the agents inside to see the children.  I always said “I don’t do kids” and would stand outside having a sneaky fag.

That may make me sound like a totally heartless cow, but I think I just knew what a real life changer kids would be and I wasn’t ready for that.

babies - #blogtober2017My Babies

When I found out I was pregnant – a month after returning from honeymoon – I was shocked but I was also quite excited and quite nervous!

We had just purchased a house to “do up and sell”.  We were going to become property magnates.  That house is still our family home!  It has been extended upwards and outwards to accommodate our growing family and the dream of being wealthy through property investments has faded.

Baby number 1

As my first pregnancy progressed, my years of saying “I don’t do kids” was repaid with hyperemesis gravidarum, Symphysis pubis dysfunction and polyhydramnios.  Or in English – severe morning sickness, hips that clicked when I walked and too much fluid around the baby!

My eldest son arrived 5 weeks early weighing 5lb 8oz (2.5kg).  My waters had broken and on arrival at the hospital, they discovered I had pre-eclampsia so I was induced.  After a shock arrival, everything progressed normally until he was 5 months old when his head was declared too big.  Within a few days we were in Kings College Hospital waiting for him to return from brain surgery.  He had hydrocephalus and needed a VP shunt inserting into his brain.

I remember thinking things could only get better.<