Track your habits? How do you do that?

Do you have lots of good intentions? Loads of things you want to achieve but you forget to track your habits and then think “oh what the heck, I’ll start next week”?

I know I do.

How do you track your habitsOver the last few weeks though, I have discovered the beauty that is Boho Berry and what can I say except this lady inspires me to be creative, do more, set and plan my goals and if you know of the Bullet Journal and want to be inspired, look no further than Boho.  Kara is fabulous.

One of my favourite Bullet Journal hacks  is her habit tracker.  She has a list of habits she wants to maintain and then she keeps track of them with a gorgeous little tracker she has created in her notebook.  However, I have a lined book and it does not contain 31 lines (she does a tracker for each month).

Now, if I am honest, a few months ago, that would have just been a reason for me not to do it.  I would have thought “oh well, who cares if you track your habits.  I know, when I get a new notebook, I will ensure it has 31 lines and then I will start it”.  However, the new me, the one who is kicking my own butt to get more things done, decided to get creative and design one I could print off and add to my notebook (with some lovely washi tape, of course).

So I now have a lovely habit tracker, which tracks the following:

  • Review Goals
  • 10K steps
  • Healthy choices
  • Trevor (Slim Pod people will understand)
  • Couch to 5K (well the intention is there)
  • Meditation
  • Blog post
  • Post on Instagram
  • Post on Pinterest

and a few other personal habits.

Track your habits

Being the lovely nice person that I am, the one trying to be happy through generosity, I decided I would share it all with you.

So you can download it for yourself.  Either as a pdf or as a word document if you wish to jazz it up for your own use.  Just click on the image to go to your preferred document type.

Track your Habits - Word Document

Track your habits - pdf

What works for you?

As you know, I love my notebook but I am always looking for other things to try in there.  How do you keep on top of the day to day chaos?


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  1. Katharina says:

    I am a fan of the bullet-journal community, but I do my journal a little different. In the front I created a “normal” weekly calendar, so I do not have to rewrite stuff over and over again and instead of placing the lists on the next free page, I do them all in the end of my Journal. This way they all stick together in one place and are easy to find. 🙂

  1. September 12, 2016

    […] nice printable plan for your habit-tracker can be found on, but you can also draw your own like many people in the bullet-journal community do. (including […]

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