How do I say “thank you”?

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  1. Special Needs Mum says:

    Great post, Debs. i hope I’m one of your virtual friends (though we have met!!) x

  2. tracey crutchfield says:

    Debs, this says everything and much more. It is written beautifully. Love the bit about friends and I so feel that all friends should fit into the same basket but this has made me see that friends come in different packages. (if thats a right way to say it).
    I first met you on my advanced SENCO training and sat in awe of listening to you speak. I could relate to so much of what you was saying, and I think I couldn’t take my eyes of you. ( no I don’t love you in that way) your words came from the heart, a woman who had experienced so much and still came out the other end, I felt a one point your emotions were going to take over and you was welling up but you didn’t you carried on like a true soldier. I would have been blubbering, as soon as I speak about Ryan that happens to me.
    I think I am in one of your categories , able to help sometimes but not always.
    You are inspirational and and and and … a big THANKYOU to you for all you do for the ‘special’ world xxx

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