The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of life in the SEN world

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17 Responses

  1. I think it’s admirable that you only say the naughty words in your head….

  2. Terri muxlow says:

    I have 4 children , and the middle 2 are a bit more special than the other 2 . My 12 yr old son is autistic and my 8yr old daughter has GDD & hyper mobility . I hear ‘ my child does that or it’s their age ‘ so many times .some people just don’t want to understand 🙁

    • chaosinkent says:

      I hear you. I think sometimes they do it to try to reassure us without realising how belittling it is. 🙁

  3. savvywendy says:

    Great post and well said. We are going through the legislation part now with the new EHCP – nightmare

  4. TwinsplusTwo says:

    Wonderful post, so spot on. Have shared everywhere! (And am blogging a response now )

  5. Louise says:

    What a brilliant summation! Thank you. Xx

    • chaosinkent says:

      Thanks Louise, it is sad how many parents can relate to it but I hope that somehow this helps to raise awareness in a small way

  6. So very true! Brilliantly written! My son is now 18 and I never give up hope, we can’t really can we. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

    • chaosinkent says:

      Thanks Alison, I was having a bad day when I wrote this but I always tell myself to think about the positive so that is how the post came about.

  7. Carly says:

    Wonderfully written and so true for us. Thank you.

    • chaosinkent says:

      I would say “you’re welcome” but it’s sad to know how common my experiences are 🙁
      We need to somehow make this system work for our children xx

  8. StephsTwoGirls says:

    Read this months ago, said a loud ‘yes!’ and bookmarked to come back to… been a bit busy in the meantime, as all of us SEN parents are 🙂 This is all so true, sadly. Such a different life to how it is for many. Some are stronger than others, and we all have our moments. Great to have met you x

    • chaosinkent says:

      Thanks Steph, I am glad to have met you too, Your knowledge and experience with your gorgeous girl is invaluable

  9. Sarah says:

    I Love this! It’s beautifully written. I have had my fair share of being battered by the system this year with my children. My little girl has fallen into the 220,000 children who’s SEN has disappeared over night under the new reforms. School are struggling to see where she fits with her physical disability and I am quickly becoming an expert in SEN law! I wrote a post that fits in nicely with this called ‘labels’ who are they really for?
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