Finding calm in the chaos

Accessing the Community

Sunday Sharing: “Accessing the community”

Sat in a beer garden with two of the kids running around and the other one sat chatting; eating birthday cake from a local little girl, listening to music on the iPhone and all happily waiting for BBQ. Or in social work speak – “we’re accessing the community” 😂😍

How removing uncertainty helps us to be happier in the world of SEN

As you will have probably guessed by now, I am an avid reader.  I love all types of books.  General fiction, murder mystery, thriller, romance, adult romance (Yes, I know Mr Grey) and the classics. I am also a huge fan of personal development books.  Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Tony...

Unity is powerful

Are you gonna spend your day down in the dirt?

As I write this, it is the morning of Friday 8th March, 2015. The day after the General Election. The day we realised that we are highly likely to have a Conservative Government for the next five years. The day Esther McVey lost her seat The day Ed Timpson kept...