Are you gonna spend your day down in the dirt?

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  1. Lisa Thomas says:

    What a great read.. The hoovering husband was did us all a favour; onwards!

    We need a well regarded middle woman to create a strong accessible on line debating forum and then use the power of collective thinking to strategise with ET (or blue replacement?) – especially for accountability, standards and inspection in LA and schools, a-l-health. And to persuade everyone they can do more with less!
    NNPCF doing good job and working so hard, but still not well enough known. SNJ has the ear as well as the voice of parent carers.
    I vote coallition SNJ + NNPCF + ET

    Absolutely hit nail on head with unity message – carer support network highly fragmented due to so many great startups stepping up where govmt/LA fail. I deliver Early Support workshops – a sort of induction workshop to SEND world. Every parent should have this option if they want – to get a quick fix on all the good help out there and how to safely vavigate SEND World.

    We need to step up pressure for ES – early intervention is cheaper than late mediation/medication when it all gets to breaking point.

    Stick with us SNJ; need you more now than ever.

  2. I know the feeling! Exhausted and disgusted with what families including my own have to go through at the best of times. However this is the worst of times, we can only imagine with horror what a further £12.billon of cuts will do to our already depleted and litigious system. Unity is the only answer. We work hard for families on a ground level basis, but the queue of those who are baffled or cheated by the system keeps growing.
    Organisations who have some knowledge of the Law and processes really do need to come together to fight this injustice. There are many differing views about how this should be done and what the focus should be, but we all recognise that there are significant flaws in the new system which are going to be a barrier to children receiving the support they need. I would willingly work with any other organisation, or individuals who want to help. I would like to see a conference for those who want to pool ideas and issues which need to be raised. There is no room for ego in this situation we just have to do our bit to try to make things change, accept each other’s good intentions and contribute without criticism. I also know that many parents feel powerless and some even apathetic and ignored, and perhaps as organisations we need to give them some clear guidance and inspiration to fight on. We are all in this together!

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