Being a Northerner Down South

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  1. Steph Curtis says:

    Kecks! Yes! And definitely all that confusion around the meal times. We had a discussion about brunch just the other day, with Sasha finding it hysterical and she came up with ‘linner’ as the next meal, or ‘dunch’ (lunch and dinner, geddit?! 😉 ). I’ve spent 11 years trying to persuade my girls to say ‘bath’ instead of ‘barth’ but I’m not totally convinced I’ve won yet thank to my Surrey born husband :/ I do miss it up Norf but can’t deny the weather is mostly better down here (though actually the coastline in my old hometown is a peculiar magnet for the sun too!).
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    • Debs Aspland says:

      Oh don’t get me started on the Bath/Barth thing. It’s a constant battle but one I will eventually win.

  2. Ged Hussey says:

    Pimblets meat & potato pie on a BBC (Buttered Barm Cake) mnnnnnn

  3. Of course I took it to the extreme and moved country! And even after 27 years in Ireland, I still haven’t completely lost my British accent, as my kids regularly remind me and mock the way I say certain words. But in other ways I’m nearly Irish, I feel as though this is the home I was always looking for, despite the problems you find everywhere x
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    • Debs Aspland says:

      I have to say I like the idea of living in Ireland. If they offer chips and gravy, I may even look into it.

  4. Ojo henley says:

    I think the North/South divide re: chips and gravy missed Wales! We love chips and gravy here, my favourite meal growing up was homemade chips and oxo gravy. I’ve never lived anywhere but the valleys, so I can’t comment on the other stuff haha x

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