“Oh Bless Him” – “Oh Bugger Off”

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4 Responses

  1. You are such a lovely family and I love your views on bringing the kids up. We need to bring our children up with good values and respect so if people are not showing him respect it needs bringing up. Well done for speaking up xx

  2. Ojo Henley says:

    I’ve been brought up surrounded by the blind, my mums best friend’s husband was blind. He was a naughty, cheeky chap, just like your boy. He used to feel my face as I was growing, so he could ‘see’ the changes. All I see when I look at your children are funny, cheeky, probably hard work sometimes, kids! I get pity sometimes, because I have my hands full, I just say it’s my normal. What is normal after all! xx

  3. Mum on a Mission says:

    I wanted to highlight that My son “does spend days or weeks at the hospital, he does have to rely on someone to move him from room to room, he is not healthy, he doesn’t communicate , he cannot walk or talk” …. So we need as many “ah bless him” as possible….thanks for highlighting this to me….

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