Practising what I preach – the power of Routines

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3 Responses

  1. Loving this series Debs! Funnily enough I have just started to schedule my weekly tasks, rather than just leaving them as a list (after finally getting to the end of 7 habits for highly effective people). It has been so helpful. Regarding housework, have a look at Flylady; she has some really good ideas about scheduling chores. Xx

    • Debs Aspland says:

      I read that a while back but had forgotten the basics, I went back and re-read it recently – this also helped to inspire the idea! I will look at FlyLady – thanks for the recommendation.

  2. As you know, this series has encouraged me to be more organised with my to do lists and that has helped with my feelings of overwhelm. But a daily or weekly routine is almost impossible because of the way appointments and crises crop up and because I have to be very flexible to meet the needs of one of my children!!!

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