Let’s Reshuffle the Cards

I have a confession to make.


This blog title came from watching Liam Gallagher being interviewed  by Chris Moyles about his fitness regime. Liam said he runs every day.  He doesn’t listen to music nor does he have any of the running watches to measure how far he runs.  He just runs for about an hour.  Liam said he does this, not for his body to look hot, but for his head.


Running, he said, helps him to reshuffle the cards.   I love that phrase.  Reshuffle the cards.


Let's reshuffle the cardsI love the way he described the way this helps him to clear his head and put things into perspective.


We all need to reshuffle the cards.


Liam reshuffles by running.  For me, I get this from the beach.  Whether it is sitting on the beach just watching the sea or walking along the beach listening to music or a podcast.  I find if I get out of the house, turn the pc off and take a break from social media, I always find myself inspired, re-focused or have found a possible solution to a problem.


I am lucky enough to live near to the beach and I visit there most weeks.  At the moment though I have vertigo so cannot drive.  I can’t even travel any distance in a car as the vertigo is causing motion sickness.  So I need to find another way.


How do you Reshuffle the Cards?


How do you do it?  When everything is whirling around in your brain?  When you’ve got a to do list that scares you?  How do you clear your head to refocus?


If you have any ideas that don’t require me moving too far, that would be great.  Moving is not really an option at the moment so I need a way to refocus without moving.  It can’t be meditation – which I also know works well – but at the moment, when I close my eyes, the vertigo multiplies.


If you can come up with a way that does not require moving, driving or closing my eyes, I would love to hear from you.





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