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Mr Sleep

Why Mr Sleep is the most powerful Mr Man

Living in Chaos in Kent brings with it a variety of experiences.  Laugh out loud moments, cry in despair moments, unbelievably proud mum moments, love my husband moments, wish the dog would stop barking at everyone moments, proud of me moments and want to close the door and hide moments....

Just Coping

Sometimes just coping is enough

There are times in this journey when I worry that all I am doing is “just coping”.  I feel as if just coping is not good enough and I should be doing better. Often, I am angry about the lack of support available but sometimes I am angry at myself....

Reality Check - a necessary evil?

Reality checks – necessary evils?

The last few weeks have been full of harsh reality checks; those moments when reality just slaps you hard across the face.  They hurt. One of the big ones was the sudden unexpected reappearance of my gorgeous boy’s coping mechanism for anxiety.  This is something we haven’t seen for almost...