Visualising Success

Visualising Success – really? Now before you think “Oh Debs is being a dippy hippy now and that is not my thing”, don’t move on. I promise you that visualising your success can really help.

When I first heard about Vision Boards (aka Dream boards), I thought “oh that’s nice but I don’t have magazines and glue sticks lying around and I have no intention of buying them”. I moved on.

Then a few years ago, I read an article where they suggested making a dream board with images from the internet. No glue stick involved. Just grab images from Pinterest and put them into a board using Canva or a similar programme.

Visualising Success - Chaos in KentVisualising Success

The idea is you visualise how you want your life to look.

So I spent a happy hour or two on Pinterest and Canva and I put together a dream board of what I wanted my life to look like. I used images that meant something to me but perhaps wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else. So, for example, I used an image of Martin Luther King to represent me standing up for others to make a difference. I used a photo of me delivering a workshop to represent my work. I used an image of us at the beach to represent spending more time there as a family.

I used this dream board as my screen saver and desk top image.

Every time I turned my pc on, this was what I saw and it really helped to refocus me.

This was on my screen the day we decided, out of the blue, to buy a caravan next to the beach.

It was on my screen the day I approached a company to launch a Blogging Awards event.

It was on my screen, the day I approached several organisations to offer some workshops.

Visualise your Success:

Give it a try. Here are a few examples of what you could do.

  • If you want your blog to have a top DA – then take a screenshot of the Moz board but put a high number as your DA.
  • If you want to write a book, mock up a book cover on Canva or similar
  • If you want to be seen as an “expert” in your field, mock up a magazine cover showing you on there being interviewed on something you are passionate about.
  • If you want to lose weight, use an image of an outfit you would love to wear
  • If you want to get fit, use an image of someone doing an exercise you think you will enjoy.
  • If you want to be a successful life coach, put some quotes together from people saying how your coaching made a difference.
  • If you want to move home, use images of the house of your dreams
  • If you want to make your bedroom your haven (rather than a dumping ground), put images of how your bedroom could look
  • If you want your kitchen cupboards to be organised, put images of the pantries and cupboards you love.
  • If you want to get better at make up, put some images of fab make up on there
  • If you want to have healthy skin, put some images of great skin up.
  • If you want to travel, put up images of places you want to see
  • Use inspiring headlines and quotes on there too.

The list is endless.I am going to be doing this for a new project I am about to start. I am hoping to launch at the end of May – once I have a load of other commitments out of the way.

I have started by adding loads of images on Pinterest to a secret board. I will then be looking at adding some of these onto a Canva grid.

If you do this, let me know; you can even share your image – I love them. Let me know if you have used them in the past and how successful they were.

The Monday Motivation Linky

This week I am hosting the Monday Motivation Linky. I love hosting as I also get to share a few of my favourites from last week’s #TheMMLinky.

Obviously I had to choose Mum At Work’s post all about personality quizzes as it totally backed up what I had said in my post last week.

Another favourite was Soft Thistle’s When Life gives you lemons. I love that she is now looking at possibly coaching or counselling. As a Life coach and Leadership Mentor, I know the difference these roles can make in people’s lives so I wish her every possible success.

Which was your favourite? Have you seen a post that really motivated you? Share it in the Linky, it doesn’t have to be your own post, it can be anything you think will motivate someone.

An InLinkz Link-up

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12 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve never used dream boards but know loads of people who do! The way I visualise my success is using my bullet journal to see where I’ve been and where I’m going – living my level 10 life – explained here:
    Thanks for hosting! We’re new to this one but will pop back!

  2. Yes, you are right, I nearly would not have read this post about visualising as it seems a little too…(I’m not even sure what) but after reading this I think it’s actually a very good idea. In fact I would have done this as a little girl, in a scrapbook but somehow it mabe feels a bit too wistful now. However it’s a very important part of working on design outcomes for clients in the graphic design industry – I just need to make it personal again! #TheMMLinky

  3. Carol says:

    Oh I’m a firm believer in visualising and manifesting. The screensaver idea if fab and I’m so going to do that! Thanks for hosting #THEMMLinky
    Carol recently posted…7 crystals to help you concentrateMy Profile

  4. Emma Murphy says:

    I’m rubbish at this. I just can’t convince myself that I can achieve it even with something visual like a dream board.

  5. Marylin says:

    I LOVE the idea of vision boards, but I rarely do them… totally going to do this via Pinterest and Canva… maybe I’ll find some inspo in Instagram too… it’s my favourite. <3

  6. Nicky says:

    Yes Yes and Yes! I use a vision board as part of my Power Hour! I do one hour every morning of Reading, Meditations, Gratitude, Affirmations, Visualisation and Exercise! It is fabulous and there are loads of apps to use too if you don’t want to make a physical visualisation board!

  7. Nicky says:

    Yes Yes and Yes! I use a vision board as part of my Power Hour! I do one hour every morning of Reading, Meditations, Gratitude, Affirmations, Visualisation and Exercise! It is fabulous and there are loads of apps to use too if you don’t want to make a physical visualisation board!

    • Debs Aspland says:

      Is your power hour based on Miracle Mornings? I tried that but it just didn’t work for me, I found I could do it after the kids had left for the day but no earlier. Then I got turned off by people telling me that I just had to get up earlier – I already get up at 5am. Would love to hear how you fit it in to your day.

  8. I love the idea of a Vision Board! I have motivational bits and pieces on my noticeboard next to my computer but this would take things up a gear.
    Always found taking a framed picture of T or D to meetings regarding them really helped the “powers that be” see who we were discussing x
    Jeannette @autismmumma recently posted…The positives of online dating My Profile

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