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I am a happily married mum of three.  Our house is home to myself, my husband, three children and a huge variety of special educational needs and disabilities (ranging from severe visual impairment to autism, from speech and communication issues to dyspraxia and from osteoarthritis to vertigo) and it’s also home to one very very nutty dog.

Life is never ever dull.

How do friends describe me?

I asked my friends and colleagues to describe me in three words, because I wanted you to know the real me, not just the social media version.

What do people say about Chaos in Kent

Describe Debs in three words

As well as being Mum and Wife (my favourite roles), I am also a Director of Bringing Us Together, I deliver workshops, blog, guest blog, help to organise the amazing BAPS Bloggers Awards and my latest project is the very exciting Festability.

I am also an avid genealogy fan and spend hours tracing my family tree.

I do all of this with a constant desire to be more organised and more productive.

All about Chaos in Kent

My dream

Being organised leaves time for spontaneityI dream of a life where the system works so I can become a full time mum and have the type of life you see on Pinterest

I dream of a life where my house is organised, the cupboards are always stocked with anything I could possibly need for a recipe and my friends walk away thinking “how on earth does she manage it

I dream of a life where I look chic and I never get caught without full makeup (perfectly put on so it looks like I have none on, of course) and immaculately styled hair

I dream of a life where I am a size 10/12 but can eat what I like (don’t we all?).

I dream of a life where I enjoy exercise and feel bereft if I don’t have chance to fit it in!  (Okay, maybe this isn’t my favourite dream).


Join Me

Join me on my journey to find some Calm in the Chaos, trialling new ways to say good bye to my passion for procrastination so I can have the life I dream about.

Don’t forget to leave comments so I can get to know the people reading about Chaos in Kent.

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  1. Lovely, Debs! I identify to the point that I couldn’t stop laughing and then had to stop myself from crying. I look forward to meeting you and Sam.

  1. June 1, 2017

    […] all started last year when Bringing Us Together, Debs Aspland, and My Family Our Needs, hit upon the idea that we needed a separate awards night for the Special […]

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