Being Social with IFTTT

My blog is called Chaos in Kent for a very good reason.  Life is chaotic.

  • Mum of three
  • Special Needs
  • Husband
  • Nutty Dog
  • Own blog
  • Director – Bringing Us Together
  • Training/Consultancy

Add to that my desire to improve my own life and writing, learning how to code, take better photographs, a new passion for up cycling furniture, sewing and a half hearted attempt to Kon-Mari my home and if you now have a mental image of some chaotic middle aged mum running around in circles and juggling many balls, then you will be spot on.

Being Social with IFTTTI am always delighted if I discover anything which makes life a bit easier.  So discovering IFTTT, in the words of Marie Kondo, brought great joy to my life.

I love sharing posts from other friends but to be honest, finding the time to sit, read and share them can be difficult.  Often by the time I get to read a post, another three or four have already been published.

However, I do believe we should stick together and share each other’s posts.  As the lovely Alice from The Filling Glass says:

I love the saying that lighting a candle from another candle does not diminish the first, that is an ultimate truth and I have seen it applied to writing and blogging. The idea that by promoting somebody else’s success we are not harming our own. It seems so positive.

Step 1:  Meet Feedly

Feedly is a free RSS subscription service.  It is really easy to sign up and if you use Chrome, there is an “Add to Feedly” extension available.  It is online and an app.

Once you have signed up, spend a few minutes in the settings, linking to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote account, Fitbit account, etc.

Find a blog you want to subscribe to (for example, – of course), and either click on “add to feedly” if using Chrome or go to Feedly and where the search button is (top right hand corner – magnifying glass) add the address for the site.

You can then add each blog to a category.  You create the categories.  Think of Feedly as a magazine and each category is a different section, for example SEND, Hair & Beauty, great recipes, days out, friend’s blogs, etc.

So choose the category you wish to add your chosen blog to.

Now, before we move onto IFTTT, enjoy Feedly.  Subscribing to posts you want to see creates a sort of online magazine for you, with articles and writers personally chosen by you.

I love reading through my Feedly when I get give minutes with a cuppa or a glass of wine.  I can then share any which I love, comment on posts or pin them to my Pinterest boards.  Much easier than having to work through my inbox or a Facebook list.

Step 2:  Meet IFTTT

Again, a free service.  Sign up to IFTTT online.  It is also an app.

Again, in settings, spend some time linking to the various Channels (your FB, Evernote, Fitbit, etc).

Then you can search “recipes”.  Recipes are basically different ways to connect your Channels.  So a recipe will share something from Instagram to Evernote (automatically), or something from Pinterest Board to your Facebook Page.  The list is infinite.

Do you want to share friends’ posts automatically:

Go to Browse Recipes and search “feedly category” and a list of any recipes which share from a feedly category will show.  I use Feedly Category to Twitter and Feedly Category to Facebook Page.

As you can only have one Facebook account linked, I also linked Buffer and use that for Bringing Us Together.  So I use Feedly Category to Buffer.

All I have to do is choose the Category I want to share – SEND Parent Bloggers, Mates, or whatever you have called your category.

That all probably sounds very confusing, but believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

Have a play around.  You can set things to save to Evernote, you can get any Paypal payments to automatically be listed in a google spreadsheet, you can add your Fitbit Daily activities to a spreadsheet, track your Fitbit sleep on Evernote, save Instagram photos to Dropbox or Evernote.  The list is endless.

I have a few categories which automatically share.  These are fellow SEND parent bloggers and a few good friends – not SEND (what I call my “normal” friends – although if you knew them, you would know that the word “normal” really doesn’t fit anyone.

Some of these bloggers and friends have far many followers than me but I still share, because with Twitter and Facebook so busy, and their algorithms getting more complicated each day, you never know who sees what you put on there any more. At least this way, the chance of someone seeing a post increases.

Favourite IFTTT Recipe:

IFTTT Instagram recipe

Instagram to Twitter

One of my favourite recipes, which all bloggers will love, is the Instagram to Twitter as a native Twitter photo.  So instead of just a link appearing on Twitter, the actual photo you shared on Instagram will show.  Now who doesn’t love that?


Do you use IFTTT?  

What is your favourite recipe?  I love to hear what other people use it for, I love the idea of sharing and inspiring each other.  Or perhaps I am just a lazy moo who wants your ideas so I can get five minutes to sit down and read your posts!

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2 Responses

  1. This explains so much, although I still don’t understand what RSS is! I had been meaning to ask for a few weeks how you were sharing my posts. I’m taking a reading/media sabbatical next week for one week, but this might just solve some of my problems of information overload…I’m going to put some thought into how I could use it. And thank you for mentioning me! Xx

  2. Ojo Henley says:

    I do love IFTTT, but I still haven’t had time to sort out feedly! I will, I really will! x

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