The best advice I ever received, as a mum

When you have a child, everyone has a tip to share, their absolute must have best advice┬áBut some days it feels like everyone just wants to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Or at least that is how feels as a new mum who hasn’t had a good nights sleep for months. People forget that the very large pregnancy bump together with a child bouncing on your bladder make it nigh on impossible to have a good night’s sleep so you’re exhausted before the baby even arrives.

When the advice comes at you, from all directions, you smile and say “thank you” but in your head you are thinking “just shut up” (or words to that effect).

The best parenting advice I ever receivedThe first few years:

When I look back at the first few years of having children, I am actually in awe of what I managed to achieve. Given that sleep did not feature on anyone’s agenda (except my husband’s – of course), I am am