Justice for LB – Let’s Walk, not Talk

justice-for-lbHere we are, day 95 of the #JusticeforLB 107 day campaign.  A campaign that should never have had reason to happen.

I have followed My Daft Life for many years, initially with smiles and laughter – relating to some of the experiences.  However, my children are still under 10 so much of the battle with the Unit and the poor support during transition was something I could only read and think “oh please, please, please let things have improved by the time my eldest reaches this age”


Will things change?

During my short time in this Jungle, I have met so many people who talk a good talk.  People who tell you what you want to hear, people who promise you everything and people who tell you they are going to change things.  I have been involved in lots of box ticking and lots of hit and run consultation.  I have spent hours in meetings, often on a voluntary basis, because I thought it would make a difference if the views of families were heard.

Sadly, I walked away from many realising that I had achieved nothing except to allow others to say “we listened to families” or more accurately, “we listened to families because we have to, but we did what we had planned to do anyway”

The 107 day Justice for LB Campaign is giving us all the opportunity to get involved, to unite and to campaign for a difference that will actually help our families.  If you, like me, have young children and think “well this doesn’t affect me”, think again.  Time flies quickly and your little one will soon be a little dude or dudette.  This campaign is for all of us, all who have a child or a young person with a learning disability in our family, irrelevant of age.

We are not just talking about parents and carers, we are asking everyone – siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, carers, godparents and friends – please get behind this campaign, unite and make a real difference.  Please.


Let’s Walk, not talk











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