Making Happy Work – A Review

Making Happy Work by Mick Timpson landed on my doorstep at probably the most appropriate time.  This year has started very differently to most.  I hadn’t set goals, I hadn’t done a review of last year and to be honest, I have been totally overwhelmed by my “to do list”.

Towards the end of January, I decided that February would be my January this year and I would set goals and review my year then.

I didn’t.

When “Making Happy Work” arrived, I initially thought “oh no, one more thing for the to do list” but at the end of half term, it was my birthday and as one of my presents, my husband gave me a day in bed (with children barred from distrubing me) to do anything, except work.  A day of reading in bed was exactly what I needed.

Navigating the modern world with meditation

Photo of Making Happy Work - a book by Mick TimpsonI started my day with this book.  When I saw the strap line for the book, I knew it was exactly what I needed to read just now.

I started to recall how the most successful and productive times of the past few years have been when I practised meditation.  Somewhere along the line though I had stopped and I don’t know why.

The book explains the thinking and how to apply it behind “beanddo”.  Beanddo help develop modern meditation practices for the busy, active person.

How many times have you thought “I like the idea of meditation but I don’t have time”?   If you have, then this book is definitely one for you.

beanddo (be-and-do) a verb

being and doing – a purposeful merging of the scient of effortless being, with the art of spontaneous doing, as a way to promote deeper awareness, wholeness, wellbeing, joy, intuition and creativity

The book is split into two sections.  Section one looks at the art and science of meditation and section two looks at how to apply that.

I love how the book describes what meditation is and what it isn’t.  There are so many myths around meditation.  I can promise you I have never said “ooommmmm” with my finger and thumbs touching while sat in a cross legged position to meditate.  Obviously, some people have because that works for them but meditation is not just something your “hippy friends” do, I promise you.

As I was reading, I came across the chapter about the benefits of meditation – positive thinking, less anxiety and stress, insight, creativity, happiness, etc – and this made me remember how much better I felt and worked when I have meditated regularly.