Miracle Morning or Major Mayhem

I have recently discovered yet another dippy hippy activity – my husband’s words, not mine.  I am talking about Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning.

Now the idea behind this is to raise early and to carry out six activities before you start your day.

The morning starts with SAVERS  (an acronym to help us to remember the daily routine).

Miracle MorningS is for Silence – Meditation, quiet time.
A is for Affirmations – telling yourself out loud what you want to be (e.g. I am a successful mother/writer/cook)
V is for Visualisation – spending time to have a vision board or dream board to visualise what you want your life to be
E is for Exercise – supposedly the science says that morning exercise is hugely beneficial to your day ahead
R is for Reading – take ten minutes to read a chapter of an inspiring book or to learn something new (a new word, or quote)
S is for Scribing – journalling about the day ahead.

So, I thought I would give it a go as my New Year New Me thing. Yes, we all do it, don’t pretend you haven’t.  Miracle Morning here we come.

So on New Years Eve, after saying Goodbye to 2015 I set my alarm for an early start to give this a shot.

Miracle Morning Mayhem

However, we had a problem. As often is the case, some people want to keep celebrating until much later (I was one of them before Children) and some people thought this had to involve fireworks of the large bang variety at 3.30am.

Now this would have been a tad annoying but bearable if we didn’t have the big issue of our dog. Berts is fab and a great family dog but Berts and fireworks are not a great combination.

When Berts hears fireworks, like most dogs he likes to bark very loudly.

Again, this would have been ok but Berts also has a personal issue and when he is scared, he likes to pass wind.

Now, this does not produce a “oh that’s a bit whiffy” aroma. Oh no, this produces a “OMFG what has crawled up your backside and died” aroma; a “please pass me a gas mask now” aroma. And the aroma lingers. And he wags his tail to ensure maximum distribution.

For a small dog, he can produce the most toxic evil fumes known to man, in great quantity.

So, at 3.30 this morning, we had to wake up and put the TV on loudly until 5am when the young people without children or dogs finished their impromptu firework display.

My Miracle Morning in reality

When my alarm went off, I quickly turned it off and rolled over.

At 9am I decided to join the brave souls who were up and of course, my eldest was wide awake.

Trying to meditate for 10 minutes was a challenge. We got there eventually but I think we did it in 5 x 2 minute sessions. I managed the Exercise and Affirmations at the same time – Couch to 5K in front of the sofa whilst chanting about my love for myself (oh well I will try anything once) and I managed the Visualisation whilst hiding in the loo. The Reading and Scribing came later but I did manage to fit it all in before lunch time.

I think perhaps Hal did not have dogs, or kids, or New Year’s eve fireworks to battle with when he came up with the idea. But I do confess that managing to achieve the six steps (albeit over a three hour period) did make me feel much more productive than normal. Water filters have been changed, tumbler condenser cleaner, kitchen has been scrubbed, shopping has been ordered, three loads of washing are complete and so I am now thinking that there may be something to this. I may feel differently tomorrow morning but I am going to stick with it for January just to see what difference it makes.

I think I will either have to complete it after children have left for the day or try to get up before my eldest (not a challenge I fancy to be honest) but I am going to give it my best shot.

What new habits are you introducing in January?

I am always keen to learn about new ideas and goals – so let me know what your goals and plans are.

Don’t forget to sign up for updates so you can join me in my attempts to have my Miracle Morning for the next month (and hopefully year).

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4 Responses

  1. I had seen miracle mornings in s bullet journal website but without any explanation of what they were or time to investigate…thanks for doing the leg work for me;-). I think I’d have to get up ridiculously early to get this done (already it’s normally 6am) but I’ll be interested to hear if it makes a difference. Good luck xx

    • Debs Aspland says:

      I will keep you posted. Four days in and so far, I’m certainly seeing some small improvements but the test will be once all the children return to school and our routine reappears.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hilarious! I just succumbed to the hype and ordered this book. My husband gets up at 3:30 to go to work every morning, meanwhile I go back to sleep and then there is intense chaos trying to get out the door. I think a morning routine might balance some of that out. Or not lol.

    • Debs Aspland says:

      Four days in and a mixture of success and chaos, I can say it does make a difference. I certainly feel more productive and ready for the day.

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