Perfect Pampering

What can I say?  Today I have been pampered and I cannot remember feeling as relaxed for a long long time.  It’s a long time since I had any pampering.

A month ago, I entered one of those competitions on Facebook, you know the ones – “like this photo/page and share for your chance to win…….”.  Anyway, this was to win a pamper session so I gave it a shot and forgot all about it.  I was gobsmacked when I won.  So after sorting childcare (and organising a take away for dinner so I could continue to chill), I ventured down to Folkestone.

nbrNatalie’s Beauty Room is a fairly new venture (hence the promotion on Facebook) so I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of professionalism I was met with.  A questionnaire about my health and skin followed by a chat about what to expect.  Natalie was lovely, really down to earth – not like some beauty therapists who scare me senseless with their attitude (and as you know, I do not scare easily).  Do you know the type I mean, the ones who are really young and size 6 and they look at you as if to say “Seriously? You think a facial is going to help?” or the ones who look at you as if to say “wow, I had heard of cellulite but I thought it was a urban myth” and you just know they are going to be chatting about you later with their young skinny friends.

Well, let me assure you, Natalie was nothing like that.  Off we went to her lovely treatment room and my first prize was a shoulder, neck and back massage.  Natalie asked if I had any particular areas I wanted her to work on and off she went.  I have to say, it was heavenly – not too soft but not so hard that I wanted to cry out in pain.  Imagine Goldilocks – it was just right!

Then I had also won a foot and hand massage.  I have to be honest, I had forgotten about this bit and spent the hour before the treatment sorting out the pool for the kids and running out of time – so the Birkenstocks were thrown on and I suddenly lay on the treatment table thinking “Oh no – my feet probably still have grass and dirt on” but Natalie just took out the cleanser and no big deal was made.  I would add that I had showered that morning – honest!

The hand and foot massage was divine.  I could not believe just how relaxing it was.  My feet feel amazing tonight.

Then a Deluxe Facial was the final prize and wow, what a prize.

A cleanse, followed by a deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliation, followed by a massage, followed by a toner, followed by a face mask (and the best head massage ever whilst we waited for the mask to set) followed by moisturiser.  It went on for ever, and every time I thought she had finished, I wanted to cry because it was so relaxing and then Natalie would pipe up “now, I’m going to …..” and my muscles would just sink back into the bed.

It was total bliss.  Being so pampered for the afternoon – especially near the end of the summer holidays – was about as close to heaven as I want to get for the next 50 years.

I really liked Natalie, especially her way of making me feel like an important client even though I wasn’t spending a penny with her, so I have already booked a return visit for 9 September (as the kids all return to school) for an Indian Head Massage.

So ladies and gents, if you can get to Cheriton (5 mins from J12 of the M20) then give Natalie a ring.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  As the kids go back, book yourself a small pamper – Natalie does a file and polish for £5, or a face & neck spray tan for £5.  Her most expensive treatment is a full body hot stone massage at £35 (and believe me, if you look elsewhere you will easily be paying at least double that amount) but don’t think that cheaper means a lesser quality.  I have paid huge amounts but walked away feeling rushed or unhappy but not today.

So come on, give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Natalie is adding new treatments and offers in the next few months so follow her on Facebook to keep up to date.  Who knows – I may even see you there.

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