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When did you last have fun?  I don’t mean a day away, a week off or a visit to the local Comedy store.  I mean the sort of fun that you can schedule into every day?

Seriously Debs?  

I can hear you all now.

I’m a mum.  I work from home.  I don’t have a cleaner.  I have kids!  I have kids with special educational needs.  I have to work with the system every darn day and that is never fun.

Did you know though that reacting to stress with laughter and fun can reduce your risk of a heart attack?

I didn’t but according to research, people who use humour to cope with stress have healthier immune systems, are 40% less likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes and live 4.5 years longer on average.

Have fun - #TheMMLinkyHow did I have fun this week?

The most fun this week was definitely when I announced on Thursday evening in a FB Live chat that our host for the BAPS Awards would be Gethin Jones.  For those who don’t know, we have an annual blogging awards for parents of SEND children who blog to raise awareness & share their experiences.  The FB Live was one of the fun highlights of my week.  The female parent bloggers’ reaction to the news that Gethin would be joining us led to some very entertaining moments.  Lots of mums are now on that fitness kick for real!  It would appear that Gethin is a motivator for many women.

I also put a shout out on FB last week about not feeling too good and being house bound – damn vertigo – and so this week I have received quite a few visitors and had some real giggles with them talking men, food, exercise and it was just so nice to chat about something other than SEND or types of cars with my son!

I went onto an e-cig about a year or so ago but over the summer, a summer of being housebound due to vertigo, the real thing had made a big comeback.  I wasn’t happy about this so I have gone back to the e-cig but have been really struggling due to being house bound.

So I am writing a book.  Something I have always wanted to do.  This is to keep me occupied on an evening, when I want to smoke or eat my body weight in chocolate!  However, the added bonus is that the book is making me laugh and I am really enjoying writing it.  So at the moment, it is fun and is also helping me to reshuffle the cards

What about you?

How do you have fun?  What makes you laugh?  How could you get more of that in your life?  How can you add something fun into your life?  What do you enjoy?

Make it a goal this week to at least think about it and think of ways you could do it.

The Monday Motivation Linky

Last week was a strange day to launch a Monday Motivation.  It was the day of the Vegas shooting and the attack at Marseille station.  A day when, to be honest, feeling motivated was not top of many people’s agenda.  So, I totally loved Steph’s Two Girls post – Live for the Moment and Autism Mumma’s post about Making Mistakes.

It’s time for you to share your little piece of Motivation.  We are all looking for ways to get motivated, ways to have a better day/week/life, so please share a post here that you believe will help.  It doesn’t have to be a new post.

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7 Responses

  1. Very true, I need to remember to have fun, it’s good for my wellbeing.
    The banter around the BAPs next year was soooooo funny x

  2. Anne says:

    I love having fun with my kids, playing a game or reading a book that makes us all laugh, or baking with them, that’s always a laugh, until it comes to cleaning up. Hubby thinks he’s a bit of a joker too, but even though his jokes fall flat, I do love to laugh at his mishaps which he has a real talent for!

  3. t’s great that you are writing a book, and enjoying it! You are right though, having fun is one of the last things we do as mums.

  4. Ojo Henley says:

    That fb live was awesome, fair play to you! I loved it x

  5. Claire says:

    Pleased to be here for my first Monday Motivation linky – even if it is a day late! Thanks for hosting and for writing such an uplifting post – look forward to reading your book!! I dragged my fmaily to a quiz night on Sat and laughed so much. No one took it too seriously, those of us near the bottom of the scores didn’t worry and a fun time was had by all!

  6. Kel says:

    Thanks for the food for thought – I can’t remember the last time I had proper ‘fun’! How bad is that?! I don’t even know what I would call ‘fun’ these days. Wow. The BAPs chat was fun though, I suppose! I can’t wait to see Gethin! Thanks for hosting #TheMMLinky this week x

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