Review: Christmas at Beefeater

We were fortunate to invited along to sample the “Christmas at Beefeater” menu before it launches on 1 December. Here’s what we thought.

Initially, I was a tad underwhelmed by the idea of a Christmas menu. As much as I love Christmas, there is only so much turkey with all the trimmings a girl can take.

So I was delighted when the menu was sent to us and whoop whoop, turkey was not the only option.  So my friend, Glynnis, and I went out on a school night and ventured to our local Beefeater in Ashford, Kent.

Christmas Table BeefeaterOn arrival, we were shown to our table which was already decorated in a festive manner.  It was actually quite fun to pull our crackers and wear party hats in the middle of the restaurant in November, with others looking on either bemused or in envy.  Ok, most of the adults looked bemused but the children had envy in their eyes.

The Menu:

Christmas menu Beefeater



Glynnis chose the Chicken Liver & Herb pate, while I opted for the Crispy Flat Cap Mushrooms.

MushroomsThe mushrooms were delightful.  Often breaded mushrooms become soggy or the mushrooms spurt hot liquid into your mouth which then means that you can’t taste the rest of the meal.  However, these mushrooms were sliced (rather than whole button) and they were  scrumptious.

PateGlynnis thoroughly enjoyed the pate and our clear plates at the end of the course were a sign of good things to come.


Glynnis chose the Baked Veggie Enchiladas and I chose the Fillet Steak Rossini.

SteakThe presentation of the Steak was fabulous and although sometimes, great presentation can lead to false hope of culinary delight, this steak was cooked to perfection.  Glynnis is witness to the fact that it actually kept me quiet for some time, except for “mmmm” noises.

EnchiladasGlynnis devoured her Enchiladas and was impressed at the alternative veggie option.  So often, the veggie option at Christmas will be a veggie bake of some description or fail-safe pasta.  So baked enchiladas was very welcome.  Glynnis isn’t vegetarian (hence the pate for starters) but she is currently trying to limit her red meat and she, like me, can only handle so much turkey.


Glynnis decided on the Orange Match Maker Sunday and for the finale I had to go for the Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding.

Choc pudThe pudding was divine!  Yes, divine.  Often, melt in the middle puddings can be very dry (the pudding part, obviously) and the compensation for this dry bland pudding is the liquid centre.

However, this pudding was just perfect.  The pudding was moist and full of flavour and the chocolate centre was just heaven on a spoon, to be honest.

I, like many women, love chocolate and many restaurants forget that if you love chocolate, you eat a lot of it and therefore become a bit of a connoisseur on what good chocolate is.  They presume that as long as it says chocolate on the tin, you will eat and enjoy!  How wrong they are!  Beefeater obviously haven’t taken this opinion and they have produced bliss on a plate.

MatchstickGlynnis was a hero and ploughed through the huge Sundae offering.  She was like a child in a candy store and her smile as she waded through another layer of the good stuff was amusing to see.

We have discovered that both of us are quiet when we have good food – so maybe if you think we chat too much and you want to get a word in, you should try taking us out for dinner/lunch.  Just a hint.


To add to a lovely menu and a fun evening, we have to say the staff were really great.  They were friendly, attentive (without being in our face) and had obviously had chance to learn the menu before we arrived.  Their knowledge of each dish was helpful and when we commented on the syrup at the bottom of the Sundae being the only thing we could find fault with (the consistency was a bit “gloopy”), they told us how this had already been raised and they were addressing how this could be improved.  Glynnis still finished the Sundae, it wasn’t that off-putting but we felt we had to be honest.

It was a great evening out and I would be happy to recommend the menu to friends and family, especially, if they were looking for an alternative to a traditional turkey dinner over the Christmas period.


Disclaimer:  This meal was complimentary but my reviews are always honest.  If I don’t like something, you will hear about it.  

If you wish to hear other people’s views on the meal, search #ChristmasatBeefeater on social media.  


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