SEN Reforms

Everyday I turn on Facebook and see questions about the proposed SEN reforms. I also see several interpretations of what people think the proposed SEN reforms will mean, some of which have taken some really “off the wall” thinking.

Being so involved in the Pathfinder here, I forget what I didn’t know or what questions I had at the beginning so I would love to hear from you.

What questions do you have about the reforms? Are you wondering about the protection your child will have, or maybe what the local offer really means? Perhaps you have heard about personal budgets, individual budgets and direct payments and wonder what this means. Maybe you know what they mean but you have concerns about how it will work for your family.

20130202-095415There are so many parts of the jigsaw to make up the big picture.


Which part of the jigsaw are you struggling to fit in, or which piece is missing (you didn’t know it existed)? Please let me have your questions and we will compile a set of FAQ to share.

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