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Slimpod Gold

Win a Slimpod Gold programme

Many of you will have heard me chatting or read my blogs about Slimpod.  I am a big fan of the Slimpod Gold Programme (includes the Slimpod, Fitpod and Chillpod).  I have found myself trying new things, passing on calorific treats and I even bought a bike! I know if...

Getting back in the saddle

Getting back in the saddle

Last month, we bought a new bike for me.  I was never really an enthusiastic cyclist as a child, I owned a Tomahawk (my brother got the Chopper) but I was more a roller skate and make perfume from petals type girl. However, I am listening to a Fitpod from Thinking Slimmer at the...

#Thinkingslimmer with Slimpod

Too much on my plate? Or Just Enough and Thinking Slimmer?

A month or two ago, I mentioned I was using a Slimpod with Thinking Slimmer.  It has been a really interesting experiment. As you all know I have three children (with the grand total of 14 months between them) – one has ASD and hydrocephalus, one is blind and one has...