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Why do I make poor choices

Poor choices – why do we make them?

Like many women of a certain age, I have tried every single diet plan there is. I know all about poor choices.  I know all about what I should be doing.  I know what I should be eating.  I know what helps me to shed weight. Here’s what I know about diets?...

Slimpod Gold

Win a Slimpod Gold programme

Many of you will have heard me chatting or read my blogs about Slimpod.  I am a big fan of the Slimpod Gold Programme (includes the Slimpod, Fitpod and Chillpod).  I have found myself trying new things, passing on calorific treats and I even bought a bike! I know if...

Half pound weight loss in a year

Sunday Sharing: Thinking Slimmer with Slimpod and public accountability

In one year of many attempts, I’ve lost the grand total of 0.5lb. During that year I’ve gained 1 stone, lost 1.5 stone, gained 1 stone, lost 0.5 stone … And so on. Over the last few months I’ve been looking into what works best for me. Being in Fitbit...