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I get quite a few invites through the work I do and the blog.  I have had drinks on the Terrace at the House of Lords, I have attended the Houses of Parliament for Select Committee hearings, been a key speaker in front of thousands of people and spent evenings in some pretty fabulous hotels.  However, my kids have never been impressed – in the least.  So when an invite came from McDonald’s to visit one of their branches to look at the new use of technology and other features, I thought “now this may be the one”.  How right I was.

The Evolution of McDonald’s

There are some big changes in the branches.  Everything I am telling you about today is either already in your local McD’s or will be soon.

Self Service Machines:  Wow.  As a mum of children with special needs, these were very exciting.  The equivalent of a very large tablet with images for each item they sell.

McDonald's Self Service

Then to make it even better, they also allow you to choose what goes on.  Do you always remove the pickles? Why?  Why would you do that?  Or perhaps you want a quarter pounder without cheese?  Well, if you do, then you can choose to have these left off.

McD's personalise

You choose what you want, pay by card and hey presto, no large queues to wait in.

This is really great for Grandparents.  As parents, we get to know what to order and how to order.  However, our parents struggle sometimes when they stand in front of the counter wondering where on earth to begin when they are treating the kids.  The self service machines make it so much easier to see the menu and to choose without feeling under pressure.

An extra bonus is the machines clearly show calories for each item and the healthy extras (such as  salad and fruit).

Wheelchair Accessible:  If you are in a wheelchair (or even if you just have small children), you can press a wheelchair symbol and the screen shrinks all the images down towards the bottom so you can access them without having to ask for help.

Fresh Food:  In the McDonald’s offering self service, the food is prepared fresh as you order.  So no bulk cooking quarter pounders with cheese and then having to wait while they prepare one without.  This has always been a bone of contention, especially if we go through the drive-thru.  One son is very specific and this has always meant an extra wait so the staff can prepare it.  When you have two other hungry children who know they are only having to wait because of their brother, this can make that wait in the food bay seem like an eternity!

Table Service:  Yes, you heard me right.  Table Service!  When you use the self service machines, you can choose to have the food delivered to your table.  Any parent will appreciate what a difference this will make.

Chargers  The tables now have charging facilities for your phones and tablets.  Great if you are almost out of juice, you can pop in, grab a bite to eat and charge at the same time.

McDonald's Charging Docks

They really have thought of everything!

Making my own Big Mac

We were then offered the chance to go back stage, as it were.  We were provided with our own apron, name badge and baseball cap (and a very fetching hair net).

McDonald's uniform

I loved looking around the kitchens and seeing behind the scenes as it were.  Everything was so clean and the layout and the organisation was inspiring (I actually went home and cleaned and re-organised my kitchen).

We were then given the challenge of making our own Big Mac.  I felt like a contestant on the Generation Game.  We were shown how to make one and then off we went.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my afternoon at McDonald’s as much as I enjoyed being there.

My kids were unbelievably envious and they have all enjoyed wearing the apron and baseball cap.  My status is now that of “cool mum”.  When they are older, I hope they enjoy hearing about my trips to Government as much as they currently enjoy hearing about my day at McDonald’s.

For more information, check out the McDonald’s website 

This was a sponsored post. I was paid for my time in attending and writing this post. However, all opinions are my own.


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