Practising what I preach – the power of Routines

As any mum of a child with ASD will know, routines are important.  We talk about the power of routines almost daily.  In our home, on a school day, socks and shoes go on at 7.20am.  Woe betide anyone who wants to change that – as my husband found out to his cost this morning.

I know the power of routines for my children but I hadn’t realised how much I needed routines to get me through the day until recently.

The Power of Routines (and why everyone should have them)As I am currently trying to practice a variety of self development ideas, I thought I would look at introducing a work routine.

I have recently gone back to planning our meals – which takes so much stress out of my week and also manages to save us money on the weekly shop.  I have also been meditating and finding that taking ten minutes each day results in me feeling like I have more time and energy to get on with the other tasks.

I then read a great post about having a Morning Routine and this made me think about having a work routine.  If you want to be inspired to have a more productive day by having a morning routine, then pop over to Growing Slower and get some ideas.

I now wanted to focus on productivity and coping with my real addiction to procrastination.  Believe me, if something can be put off until a later date, it will be.  If I was as talented at productivity as I am at procrastination, my life would be very very different.

As you know, I’m a huge advocate of the Bullet Journal but until last week, I had always written a weekly list of things to do, rather than a daily one.  However, I have found myself procrastinating all week and then spending all day Friday trying to play catch up.  The sad thing is I wasn’t even procrastinating in peace, I was constantly thinking about what needing doing and feeling guilty or stressed because I wasn’t doing them.

Last week, I decided I would plan my week.  So rather than just writing the list of things to do, I committed to doing them at certain times and days.  I set myself times, in the same way I book appointments, to work on a blog post, reply to emails, make phone calls, chase people up, etc.

The Power of Routines:

What a difference.  Setting my tasks up as appointments made my week so much easier.

What also helped was putting similar tasks together.  I write posts for here and also a