Too much on my plate? Or Just Enough and Thinking Slimmer?

A month or two ago, I mentioned I was using a Slimpod with Thinking Slimmer.  It has been a really interesting experiment.

As you all know I have three children (with the grand total of 14 months between them) – one has ASD and hydrocephalus, one is blind and one has developmental delay, oral dyspraxia and autistic traits. For so long now, they have been my excuse.

I have spent the last 10 years letting others feel sorry for me and allowing myself to feel excused from any personal responsibility for my weight – or any other hiccup in my life.  In fact, it has been so easy to fail at this because everyone expects me to and I am always hearing that I should stop worrying about my weight, because I have enough on my plate without adding to it.

Well enough of enough on my plate. It was having too much on my plate that got me here to begin with.  Time to start being accountable for myself and take some positive actions.

NEW-slimpod-graphic-6The Slimpod with Thinking Slimmer has worked really well for me.  Why?  What is different to this than other pods and programmes?

1.  The time.  The actual slimpod is less than 9 minutes.  I found that if I had to listen to the usual pods of 20+ minutes, I found excuses about not having the time.  In fact, I even did this for a few weeks with Slimpod.  As part of the 12 week programme, we were sent a Chillpod and a Fitpod.  Both of them are around the same length of time.  So, of course, listening to them all each day brings you to nearly half an hour.  So I started to find myself saying “I don’t have time today” especially during the joy of Easter holidays.  However, when I found myself starting to revert back to bad habits (e.g. waking at 3am with a child and then creeping downstairs and eating a full easter egg), I made myself listen. In fact, I lay down to listen to it as I was still feeling sick from the sugar rush of one Easter egg and two creme eggs in one blast!

I now listen daily to the Slimpod and then if I have time throughout the day I listen to the chill/fit pod.  I find that listening to the Slimpod in the morning and then the Chill/Fit pod at bedtime seems to work really well for me.  However, if I only get time for one, it is the Slimpod and everyone has 9 minutes available.

2.  Writing down three positives every day