Bullet Journal in the world of Special Needs

As you all know I am a huge fan of the Bullet Journal and I am an even bigger fan of my three fabulous children, each of whom has their own special needs (sometimes known as Special Educational Needs or SEND).  I am not however, a fan of the system we have to try to fit into.  It involves juggling many different balls (or as a friend says, spinning many plates) and trying to stay on top of everything can be a nightmare to say the least!

I wanted to share with you how I use the Bullet Journal method to keep on top of that Minefield.

First of all, I have one notebook for everything, I do not split books by children, work, home, etc.  This works for me but some people may prefer to set up a book just for their child and copy any dates over into their main Bullet Journal.  However, I will start from scratch here for those families who have never heard of Bullet Journalling and are wondering what on earth I am talking about.  I have broken it down into steps and I have added a few tips in italics.

Bullet Journal & Special Needs

BUJo SENDStep One – Grab a Notebook:

Grab a notebook.  Any notebook.  Within the BuJo (the abbreviation – obviously BJ is not really appropriate in some circumstances) community, there can appear to be a certain amount of pressure to use a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook or a Moleskine or some other expensive notebook and although I admit to using the Leuchhturm at the moment, I have used much cheaper versions.  My point is just grab a notebook, don’t spend hours deciding what book to use.  If this system works for you, then perhaps you can invest in a more expensive notebook when this one runs out.

Step Two – Number the pages:

Start off by numbering pages.  I just number the odd pages and I only do about ten at a time.  You can add more as you work through.  Some of the more expensive notebooks already have this done for you.

Step Three – Create an index:

Create an index page.  Some of the more expensive notebooks have these already in there, but if not, use my first top tip and start your index on the back page.  Then draw a line down the middle so you get more on one page.

As you f