Who are your favourite bloggers?

There are so many bloggers out there.  In fact, according to Blogging Statistics – Worldometers, over 2.1million posts have been written today.

I am often asked which blogs I read so I want to share you with a selection of my favourite bloggers.  I have a huge list of blogs I follow but these are the ones that are by fellow-parents of children with SEN and/or Disabilities.

Favourite Bloggers SEN

All time favourite:

Favourite bloggersMy absolute personal favourite blog, the one that inspires me hugely, is Steph Nimmo’s Was this in the Plan?  If you are looking for some inspiration and need a reminder of how to keep smiling when the world appears to be conspiring against you, then this is the one to go to.  I love Steph’s honesty and her humour.  Dealing with more in one day than many of us deal with in a lifetime, and still managing to laugh, smile and get tickets for Glastonbury – well this lady rocks.  I have a “What Would Steph Do” post-it on my pc!  This is for those days when I just can’t be arsed get motivated.

Inspiring ladies:

Two of my other favourites are Downs Side Up and Emma 4 Facs.

Hayley (at DSU) has written so powerfully about her amazing children and despite having what appears to be a busier social calendar than the Queen, she still manages to find time to practice yoga and be mindful.  What I really love is that Hayley remains truly humble about her achievements and seems genuinely shocked when she wins awards.  There is no ego involved, just a passion to make a difference.

Emma has taken on the Government and the drug industry – not a small feat.  As she puts it, they’ve managed to achieve a lot for a couple of bored mums!  Emma (and the lovely Janet) have actually managed to get an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) to look at the impact of seizure medication when taken during pregnancy.  One word.  Wow.

FitBit Friends 

My gorgeous, fun and of course, fit, Fitbit mates – Autism Momma and Ojos World – I am in a weekly challenge with these ladies (and a few others) and I am sure that the only way that Autism Mumma gets her steps and writes a post every day is to tie her fitbit to a dog or something.  These ladies are great fun, they are real and I love their posts.

Autism Mumma always has stories you will be able to relate to if you live with ASD in any shape or form.  I love that her posts can be make me laugh out loud or cry in recognition.

Ojo is currently doing a month of accountability where she is sharing her daily escapades along with her diet and fitness and her mental health status.  I am so proud of her.  Sharing anything about Mental Health takes so much courage and I don’t think she has realised how inspiring her daily updates are. Pop over and show her some support.

Passionate and sometimes Painful:

I would also recommend Love Belief and Balls.  A great blog from Mark, but be warned, he writes from the heart and often tissues are needed.

Then, one I have read for many years – My Daft Life –  if you only follow one blog from my choice today, make it this one.

Biased Options

Obviously, with a great bias, I love the two blogs I write regularly for:

Bringing Us Together

Special Needs Jungle

I am also giving a shout out to personal blogs from my friends and colleagues from these:

Havoc in Halifax – Katie’s entertaining, and sometimes heart breaking, personal blog.

Not as advertised – Tania’s non-SNJ blog.

Something different:

A few other ladies who I try to keep up to date with are Steph’s Two Girls and Food for Thought.  Both great blogs.  Steph writes a lot about life with PDA and this is something I know many of my friends deal with.  Food for thought really does give you food for thought.  Zoe is a very articulate lady (with a northern sense of humour and justice).

Some other bloggers who are definitely worth a mention.  These ladies write great posts but they don’t post every day or week.  However, it is so worth signing up for updates  because their posts are worth the wait.

A Bit Missing

Just Bring the Chocolate

Missy B and Family

Spectrum of Life

I am sure I will press “publish” and then remember a handful of other blogs so apologies to anyone I have missed out.

Why do I choose these blogs?

If passion alone could change the world, these are the people I believe would make it a better place. 

There are many sites hosting one off posts but I have chosen the people who are consistent, the people who do this to make a difference, not those who do this just to make a profit or tick a box to say “yes, look we are working with families, aren’t we great?”

What about you?

So these are some of my favourite bloggers.  But what about you?  Who do you follow?  Which blogs do you love?  And why?  What is it about the blog you love?  Is it their honesty? Their humour?  Their heart and soul?   Please share a link below as I love discovering new blogs to follow.


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6 Responses

  1. Thank you, I’m honoured to be included in this group.
    I’m afraid my stubbornness accounts for my steps everyday and a refusal to not pace – if need be – until that target is reached! The kids are used to me whizzing up and down the hall of need be. It really helps (!) not being a driver!
    Going to check out those blogs I’m not familiar with you mention and thank you xx

  2. Ojo Henley says:

    Oh, I had a tear in my eye reading what you said about me! I am a fan of a few of those too, but off to look into the ones I didn’t know about xx
    Ojo Henley recently posted…Shoes and Clothing, What’s not to Love?My Profile

  3. katie clarke says:

    I am also very honoured to be in the list. Wish I had more time to write more. Not sure at all how the rest of you manage. I take my hat off to all those on the list who juggle numerous balls/plates and fire.

  4. Oh wow, I’m humbled to be in that list, such a great group! I love reading them all too. Thank you so much for the mention, and the great round-up – a good bit of motivation on a day when I’m struggling because I have so many posts I want to write and never enough time! Love your blog too
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted…Siblings {September} and {October}My Profile

  5. You can’t imagine what a wonderful lift this post gave me – thank you so much and for the record I think you are rather fabulous yourself. xxx
    Stephanie Nimmo recently posted…Parenting – the toughest job in the world (and don’t expect the little darlings to thank you either)My Profile

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