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I am really excited to share with you a great new resource for families.  I will add a disclaimer straight away to say I was provided with a year’s license for this when the software was in the development stages.  I have since been provided with a further license to be able to continue my involvement in the development. Kuradocs CompetitionLet me introduce you to Kuradocs (soon to be rebranded with a more exciting name). As anyone who reads my blog will know, I am always looking for more ways to get organised, especially around the paperwork surrounding my children. Kuradocs helps with that – a lot. Kuradocs is currently available on a £10 per month subscription but I believe it is worth every penny.  The time it will free up for you and the stress it will remove from having to find that piece of paper or appointment letter is really helpful and, as a parent, it will give you some me time! And who doesn’t want some more time – even if it’s not for you (although it should be).  Having more time available is something we can all make use of.   When you first sign up, you will come to a dashboard. Kuradocs Dashboard As you can see, this shows the huge variety of information you can store.

  • Circles
  • Trackers
  • Goals
  • About Me
  • Reports
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Resources

Let me explain in more detail about some of the categories.


These are the people involved with your child who you want to share information with.  Be it their family members, their carers, their teachers, their TAs etc. You can add them to your Circle and then decide what information you want to share with them.  So much easier than constantly having to print things off or resending emails.

Kuradocs Trackers imageTrackers

This is a great section.  How often do we try to monitor something, maybe sleep, blood sugar, how active, nutrition, weight, height, etc?  I have tried so many different ways to do this and always struggled to try to keep them together.  This is a great solution. There are loads of different ideas of things to track, and then really easy ways to track them. Everyone can contribute: It is also really useful if you have carers or family members who help out because they can be added to the account and they can comment on the information to keep you up to date. I know that behind the scenes Kuradocs are looking to extend this so your circle can update the information, not just comment. So no more of this being all down to you!  You can add others to help out and keep the information up to date. They can also use the app to check back to see any notes or perhaps how they slept if they are noticing any changes.

Kuradocs ActionsGoals:

As a coach, this is by far my favourite section.  Not only does it allow you to set goals, it then encourages you to set the various steps you need to take to achieve the goal. For example, if a goal is for your child to make a snack independently, they would have to decide what they want, check if food is in the cupboard and if not, purchase the items (so understanding money and costs), then they would need to prepare the meal.  So your overall goal will involve lots of actions and each one of those becomes a small step towards the final goal. Again, if other people are involved, it will be helpful for them to see what the next step is and also, what they have achieved and any notes.

Kuradocs About Me - PersonalAbout Me

What a lovely thing to do – sharing the information that is not just about their diagnosis or needs but about the person they are.  What they like, what motivates them, what support they need.


A place to add all the information you have from reports.  Again, a way to share the information easily with others who may need it. You can control how much information is shared with each member of the circle.  It’s not just a free for all! Again, I know Kuradocs are currently looking at ways you could just upload a report you have which will mean you don’t have to type information in however, even without this feature, it certainly helps to have somewhere to put all the information so it can be shared easily.


One of my favourite sections within the Reports area – as you complete the information, the trackers, the about me, the notes, etc – you can then go to this section and it will choose the relevant information you need to complete a DLA form.  I understand they are currently working on the same process for the new PIPS form. Kuradocs - DLA Forms Obviously, you still choose what information you add to the form, but this is a great way to be able to see easily the data you need to complete any form. I am currently working my way through the sections so I can use this for my son’s renewal which has just landed on my doormat. If, like me, you complete this with a glass/bottle of wine in hand (because let’s be honest, they are not fun), having some of the information printed off in advance will help.  Sometimes having to look through lots of information can add to the stress and the heart ache – often you find a document with words that still have the power to upset you. I am not promising that this will make the form any more pleasant to complete.  I know the DLA is always a negative reality check.  When we spend so much time as parents trying to focus on the positive, it can be hard to complete a form which focuses on what our children can’t do or have difficulties with.  However, having some of the information easily available without ploughing through every report you have ever had, may go some ways to making this a less distressing and confusing experience.


You can set yourself reminders – this may be to chase someone or to send an email or to cancel an appointment.  Anything you need reminding about.  It can also be used to remind carers of anything that needs to happen – medication, changes, etc.


Some really useful links to websites which may be of use – especially useful for new families to the system or families in transition. What do I think of Kuradocs?Overall, I love the idea of Kuradocs.  You can tell, without a doubt, that it has been created by a parent who has been where we are.  The sections show a real understanding of the issues we face and the things we need to remember. Overall, I love the idea of Kuradocs.  You can tell, without a doubt, that it has been created by a parent who has been where we are.  The sections show a real understanding of the issues we face and the things we need to remember. I cannot wait to see how it develops over time.  The team behind it is small so changes can be made quickly without having to go through tiers and tiers of management to get a yes or no!  There are no panels!  Now that’s got to be something we all appreciate.

Win a Year’s License

I am also offering one of you the chance to win a year’s subscription to Kuradocs.

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